Definition for the word Name.

  • assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to
  • give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of
  • give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property
  • family based on male descent
  • determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis
  • charge with a function; charge to be
  • identify as in botany or biology, for example
  • a defamatory or abusive word or phrase
  • a well-known or notable person
  • make reference to
  • create and charge with a task or function
  • a language unit by which a person or thing is known
  • a person's reputation
  • by the sanction or authority of
  • mention and identify by name

  • Is Name a Valid Scrabble Word?

    Yes Name is a valid Scrabble word.

    Scrabble Point Value of Name: 6 Points
    Words with Friends Point Value of Name: 8 Points
    Anagrams of Name: AMEN, MANE, MEAN, NEMA