Is Sociocultural a Scrabble Word? Yes

Sociocultural is a valid Scrabble word and is worth 17 points. The word consists of 12 letters, with three Cs and one U, L, T, and R. Each of the remaining letters, S, O, I, and A, are worth one point. In Scrabble, words are valid if they are listed in the official Scrabble dictionary. Sociocultural is an adjective used to describe the combination of social and cultural factors. It is a useful word to have on hand when playing Scrabble, especially if you are able to strategically place it on the board to maximize your score.

Definition for the word Sociocultural.

  • relating to both social and cultural matters

Is Sociocultural a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes Sociocultural is a valid Scrabble word.

Scrabble Point Value of Sociocultural: 17 Points
Words with Friends Point Value of Sociocultural: 23 Points

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