Is Vagrants a Scrabble Word? Yes

Yes, "Vagrants" is a valid Scrabble word and it is worth 12 points. The tile values in the word are as follows: the letter V is worth 4, the letter a is worth 1, the letter g is worth 2, the letter r is worth 1, the letter a is worth 1, the letter n is worth 1, the letter t is worth 1, and the letter s is worth 1. As per the official Scrabble dictionary, "Vagrants" means a person who wanders from place to place without a home or a job, and it is an acceptable word to use in the game.

Definition for the word Vagrants.

  • a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support (noun)
  • continually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another (adjective)
    "vagrant hippies of the sixties"

Is Vagrants a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes Vagrants is a valid Scrabble word.

Scrabble Point Value of Vagrants: 12 Points
Words with Friends Point Value of Vagrants: 15 Points

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