Is Vent a Scrabble Word? Yes

Definition for the word Vent.

  • activity that frees or expresses creative energy or emotion (noun)
    "he gave vent to his anger"
  • expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen (verb)
  • give expression or utterance to (verb)
    "She vented her anger"
  • a fissure in the earth's crust (or in the surface of some other planet) through which molten lava and gases erupt (noun)
  • a hole for the escape of gas or air (noun)
  • a slit in a garment (as in the back seam of a jacket) (noun)
  • external opening of urinary or genital system of a lower vertebrate (noun)

Is Vent a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes Vent is a valid Scrabble word.

Scrabble Point Value of Vent: 7 Points
Words with Friends Point Value of Vent: 9 Points

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