Word Finder Pro

Scrabble Word Finder (and Words with Friends Tool)

Welcome to Word Finder Pro, the best scrabble word finder on the Internet. Just type the letters you have on your board in below, for a list of approved scrabble words and their score values.

Enter up to 15 of your letters to find word ideas with the highest point combination.

What is Word Finder Pro?

Word Finder Pro is the most comprehensive free Scrabble word finder that’s been built to suggest the absolute highest point scoring words you can play during each turn in both Scrabble and Words with Friends. In short, we built this tool so that you’ll be able to win every game of Scrabble and Words with Friends that you play.

The longer version, is that Word Finder Pro is a highly evolved unique word generator tool, which shows you every possible word combination from the letters you give it (ranked in order of their minimum point scores in Scrabble and Words with Friends). If you’re staring at your letters, wondering which words you can possibly play—then Word Finder Pro will give you plenty of ideas. Word Finder Pro is used for many different applications, but the most popular is by far winning at Scrabble and Words With Friends.

How to Use Word Finder Pro

We built Word Finder Pro as an intelligent, ultra fast Scrabble word finder, so that you can win—every time you play. So, let’s walk through exactly how to use our word finder tool to find winning word combinations in Scrabble and Words with Friends:

1. Enter your letters into the search bar (at the top of this page). Start by typing in all of the letters on your Scrabble (or Words with Friends) board into the search bar up top, and hit the “search” button like so:

2. View and sort your possible word combinations. Immediately after you enter all of your letters and hit the search bar, you’ll be directed to a results page that’s packed with every possible word suggestion that’s playable in both Scrabble and Words with Friends. You’ll have the ability to sort your new word ideas by length (how many characters are in each word), and every word also has a clear Scrabble and Words with Friends point value displayed next to it, like so:

Curious about the definition of a word you see? Click on it. Word Finder Pro is much more than just a Scrabble word finder; we also have a powerful dictionary running behind the scenes that’ll give you the definition of any word you want to click on and learn about.

3. Play your best word and win! Most letter combinations you type into a Word Finder Pro search, will give you hundreds of possible words that you can play in Scrabble and Words with Friends. Take the highest point word ideas from your list of playable suggestions and test them out on your game board to see which ones work (and where). It may take a healthy dose of creativity and a little bit of time to work out exactly where a word can be played, but you’ll make it happen.