Is Streptomycin a Scrabble Word? Yes

Streptomycin is a valid Scrabble word and is worth 21 points. The word contains 12 letters, including two triple-letter tiles for the letters P and M. The word is commonly used in the medical field as an antibiotic. In Scrabble, it can be a valuable word to play if you have the right letters on your rack. With a maximum score of 50 points for using all seven letters and a triple-word score tile, playing Streptomycin could potentially earn you a high score and help you win the game.

Definition for the word Streptomycin.

  • an antibiotic produced by the actinomycete Streptomyces griseus and used to treat tuberculosis (noun)

Is Streptomycin a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes Streptomycin is a valid Scrabble word.

Scrabble Point Value of Streptomycin: 21 Points
Words with Friends Point Value of Streptomycin: 24 Points

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