Is Zeals a Scrabble Word? Yes

Zeals is indeed a valid Scrabble word that can score you 14 points. It's a simple yet powerful play, leveraging the high value of the letter Z, which earns you a whopping 10 points by itself. Each of the other letters, E, A, L, and S, adds just 1 point to your score. So, when you're looking for a word that can give you a good boost without using too many tiles, remember that zeals can be your go-to choice. Whether you're trying to catch up or pull further ahead, those 14 points can make all the difference.

Definition for the word Zeals.

  • prompt willingness (noun)
    "they disliked his zeal in demonstrating his superiority"
  • a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause) (noun)
    "he felt a kind of religious zeal"
  • excessive fervor to do something or accomplish some end (noun)
    "he had an absolute zeal for litigation"

Is Zeals a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes Zeals is a valid Scrabble word.

Scrabble Point Value of Zeals: 14 Points
Words with Friends Point Value of Zeals: 15 Points
Anagrams of Zeals: LAZES

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